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Collpsible / Foldable car
27-05-2012, 01:41 PM
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Collpsible / Foldable car

A foldable car has always been a requirement for cities with shortage of parking space. The idea to make a such a car to be folded like a collpsible stroller to facilitate sideways parking in tight places was conceived at the MIT in US, but the car is designed in Spain's Basque Country. The car is named HIRICO, which means "urban" in the native language.

HIRICO is an electronic fold-up car just 1.5 meters in length. It is a tiny 2 seater without doors. One has to jump in through the fold-up front window screen to get into the car. The engine of the car is located at the wheels. The car can run 120 Km with a single charge. Its speed is electronically set to respect city limits. The beauty of the car is that its four wheels turn at right angles and after the fold may be accomodated in tightly small sideways parking lot.

The car is expected to be commercially produced and be on sale in 2013
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