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Education Does Not Mean Wisdom
23-04-2013, 10:33 AM
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Education Does Not Mean Wisdom

This is a story about an illiterate father and his qualified son of the modern times.

The old father sold hot dogs from his make-shift shop on the road side. So old he could not hear so he did never listen to radio and his eyes weak neither watched television. However he handled his small business with full dedication, commitment and conviction. Gradually his sales and hence the profit went up. Now he bought a big shop, hired a few workers, ordered more meat and buns and got several bigger stoves to run his grown business.

Meanwhile his son was taking higher education at a distant place in a university and he had now come back to join business of his father. Fully aware of current financial upheavals and impending recession, the son asked his father, " Dad, aren't you aware of a great recession coming our way?".

The illiterate father hardly knew about it and surprised, asked his son," What's that, son?".

The son explained to him in detail what he has studied in the business school about the recession, how the productivity of the country goes down, how it affects the employment and the earning / spending power of the citizens, the change in the inflation affecting the living standards of the people etc. The father did not understand even a word, but only could know that the recession is something terrible and it will definitely affect his business adversely. So he asked advice from his son.

Accordingly he started ordering less meat and buns, laid of all of his staff, his own enthusiasm also seemed reducing. The quality deteriorated, the service time increased as the staff had left and now his sales started reducing so much so that he had to again come to road side as hawker.

The father said to his son, " Son, you were right. This recession is really a terrible thing. i am happy you warned me ahead of this situation."

The Moral :
  1. Many time we confuse education with wisdom
  2. An educated person does not mean to make good decision
  3. Choose your advisers carefully
  4. The tragedy is that there are may walking encyclopedias in reality who are living failures
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07-08-2013, 06:44 PM (This post was last modified: 07-08-2013 06:54 PM by careerholic.)
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RE: Education Does Not Mean Wisdom

Really, this story is awesome. I have read this story in a book two months ago. This story tells each path of the life. I would like to see some more stories like this.
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20-08-2013, 06:51 PM
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RE: Education Does Not Mean Wisdom

Good article to read,
Several learned men are not post graduates
Talented may not be educated
Educated may not be talented
Those with full capacity may be at failure in success
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22-08-2013, 04:28 PM
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RE: Education Does Not Mean Wisdom

Great article, share it to my brother. I really love your title: "Education Does Not Mean Wisdom"
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25-09-2013, 01:10 PM
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RE: Education Does Not Mean Wisdom

its a good and inspiring story give a lesson..
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