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The Best Career Services - (Aapka Roozgaar) (All India)
13-09-2013, 01:50 PM
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The Best Career Services - (Aapka Roozgaar) (All India)

Roozgaar Resume Services and Employment assistance program for all aspirants looking for jobs through-out the domain of Republic of India, hosted on the web site; is an exceptional and incredible service, which has benefited millions of experts and professionals looking to provide their skills and services to best of the companies who are aspiring for the development of India and employment generation in India.

It has always been a problem with jobseekers throughout the world to find right jobs and right companies that optimize their skills and talents, not only benefiting the company with right RoI or right manpower; due to lack of professional services and good consultancy and initializing the youth on right track. It has always been seen that youth and aspirants are wrongly placed by a lot of money grabbing services that lead the jobseeker into fraud. Millions of professionals have been targets and victims of frauds.

The most important thing we believe is understanding the mindset and the overall present conditions of the professional seeking a job, neutralizing his or her anxiety, guide him or her to the right track, place the professional in a win-win situation with the company are some of the factors needed for effective and efficient services which come only with dedication, hard- work, right mind-frame and mindset, drive to make your company among the best in the world, have constant feedback and support all the time with an excellent after sales service creates "Trust" among the people. These factors are most important to create a "Brand". A brand value in creation takes a thousand efforts and years of toiling correcting the finest in the systems and creative, that makes the company shine out only because of its sheer hard work in all the years. It purely comes out of positive "Karma" and positive thinking. This belief is not shared by many who fail to drive their business and services and therefore creating and spilling their frustration on the people who are moving towards success. It is indeed a state story of Indian Crabs coined by the Britishers who understood years back that treachery was part of daily activities in India. Why am I saying this - There are lot of crazy people here who thrive in destruction of others. For example a company in Delhi, who became pretty jealous of us, started a negative campaign on Internet that we are frauds, money thrifters, cheats and have duped a whole lot of people who have been asking for consultancy. Just to open your mind in the light of truth, we have placed over 80,000 successful candidates to the best MNC, companies, start-ups, other government and private sectors, to just not only sending people to interviews, but training, guiding, consulting and right approach has always been our USP and forte. Yes in any statistics there are always unsatisfied clients (and this is due to various reasons). In our continuous feedback programs we have found that we have less that 0.5% of people who are not happy with us. We whole heatedly apologize for any inconvenience caused by us and yes we have refunded all the money to the people who have disliked our services. The problem is we are a paid up service and many people expect things for free all over which becomes a problem. The SEO campaign conducted by one of the companies against us has defamed us a lot and pulled the sales graph down. It is always very hard to maintain the reputation. We are not wrong people or providing any wrong services. We have a team of 800 people employed all over India, trained to serve you in the best possible solutions. We be responsible and appreciate the hard-work of people who are trying to do some value addition to the society. I would also request people who go through Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines finding for us and finding out negative comments about us. This is all a hoax. 80,000 successfully placed professionals all over India in one year is a moral achievement for us. / Aapka Roozgaar Srvices Pvt Ltd is a paid service. Our paid services start from basic resume making at Rs 1685 to personalized placement services at customized rates and prices. We have a long list of happy and satisfied client base, who have chosen to keep us their mentor for their entire careers.

If you do not like anything about us, please visit the feedback and customer complaint box and form on our website and post it over there. You can also hotline call to us explaining your concerns and we will do the best possible measures to guide you well. It is our motto to serve you well and help us in our endeavor.

If you like to enroll for these services please call our helpline number - +91-9278365874
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