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Who deserves the credit of inventing the telephone?
15-07-2012, 11:59 AM
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Who deserves the credit of inventing the telephone?

You might very well know who invented the telephone. Yes, it was Alexander Graham Bell. Did you know that another scientist had contested with him in completing the device? The scientist was Elisha Gray of the USA. He had already invented a number of telegraphic devices and was a partner in the Western Electric Company.

In 1876, Bell applied for a patent for the telephone that he was developing. When Gray heard of this, he issued a caution announcing that he would also file an application for the patent of the same appliance within three months.

But it so happened that Bell first transmitted the human voice over a wire using a liquid transmitter and an electromagnetic metal-diaphragm receiver. What is wrong with that, you may say. But it seems that he had not specified the usage of these devices in his patent application. In fact, both the devices had been developed and used by Gray several months earlier in the construction of a similar appliance. Gray fought this legally. But the patent was awarded to Bell. And Gray went on to become professor in a college in Ohio.

More about this controversy : Elisha Gray and Alexander Bell telephone controversy
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