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Why Tin Pot Should Not Melt - Fermi's Puzzle
07-04-2013, 11:49 AM
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Why Tin Pot Should Not Melt - Fermi's Puzzle

This is a question from Physics once put by the famous Italian physicist to his students, and even asked in one of a recently held science quizzes alongside a demonstration -

The melting point of Tin (a metal) is about 232 degrees C, while boiling point of cooking oil is 375 degrees C. It was demonstrated that though this is the case you could fry items like pakoras or fish etc in the oil heated up in a pan made of tin very easily. Why the tin should not melt and spill the oil?

By the way, Enrico Fermi had won the Nobel for his work on neutron bombardment and he is credited with creation of first man-made nuclear reactor in 1942. He was also conferred with the title "Eccellenza" by Benito Mussolini the ruler of Italy.
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