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Your Pulse Your Password
16-03-2014, 05:41 PM
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Your Pulse Your Password

A new hi-tech wristband reportedly uses the wearer's pulse as a password to authenticate a number of devices and applications.

The device named "Nymi" has been developed by Bionym. Bionym has been developing iOS and Android apps for things like password management, car and computer access, and even a Bicoin wallet and using pulse authentication could make using all these things a lot easier and more secured.

The Nymi has two electrodes, one on the wrist and one on the top. To authenticate, a user must attach the Nymi, and then place their finger on the top electrode to complete the electric current. A user only needs to validate their identity once, until the Nymi is removed. The closed loop keeps the Nymi in an authenticated state, removing all need for repeated prompts (such as in fingerprint scanning or PIN requests).

Once authenticated, the Nymi communicates the user’s identity to a device (such as a smartphone, vehicle, elctronic lock, or even a smart environtment) using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The Nymi not only uses the BLE to reliably communicate with the world, but it also uses it to sense how far away it is from devices (proximity detection). The Nymi allows users to interact with the world as a person, not as a number.

It is noted that the sensors could also be used for gesture recognition, so one could incorporate movement triggers into the authentication process.
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